At customer request, we are also locally anchored

Our high-performance fiber-optic-network goes right across Switzerland and along high-pressure natural gas pipelines. We are now also passing the idyllic village of Bogis-Bossey, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

A request from a company, with a need for very high bandwidth and new connectivity to all major data centers and cloud providers in Switzerland, has led us to build a new interconnections point in this community.

With this new interconnection point, we can now, together with our local partner, open up the whole region. Further companies in the region, which have a need for secure and dedicated connections with high bandwidths, can now also use the GAS&COM network as a possible supplier.

True to our motto: “On the move throughout Switzerland, anchored locally.”

Sergio Milesi, CEO GAS&COM AG
«Thanks to our long-standing and well-established relationships with network operators in cities and agglomerations, we can offer exclusive door-to-door and city-to-city connections in Switzerland and in foreign metropolises. This project is further proof of how our backbone-network can do good even in small communities.»