Company head-quarters networked with three data center locations

Situation | Problem | Challenges

Security gaps and insufficient bandwidth

The customer operates three data centers at different locations that need to be connected to each other and to the company headquarters in Basel. The customer’s existing networking solution has security gaps and provides insufficient bandwidth, resulting in downtime and slow connections.

Therefore, the customer needs a secure, redundant and high-bandwidth solution that meets the requirements of a growing number of customers and ensures the transfer of large amounts of data with minimal latency.

Solution and competences

A unique combination

The customer chose us because we are the leading provider of networking solutions in Switzerland. In addition to our nationwide fiber network, we have a high-performance DWDM network and a well-developed MPLS network. This combination enables us to offer customers customized technology solutions tailored to their exact needs.

We use a unique combination of fiber and DWDM technologies to implement the solution. We installed redundant fiber links and implemented backbone-protected links that enable automatic switching to alternative routes in just a few milliseconds. DWDM technology also ensures the highest bandwidths and a fast as well as secure optical end-to-end connection.

Achieved goals for our customer

Needs-oriented and within the shortest time


Highest availability thanks to geo-redundant connections.


Lowest latency enables storage mirroring.


Future-oriented solution thanks to virtually unlimited scalability.


Securely and quickly connecting the headquarters to the data centers.

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Increase availability

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Reduction of latency

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Better attenuation values

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Savings in production time

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