New connection between Switzerland and France

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New fiber optic connection at the border

Five years ago, the project to create a fiber optic link on the border between France and Switzerland near Creux (Vallorbe) began. GAS&COM and the French authorities of the Doubs region met to launch the initiative.

The biggest challenge was to find a suitable point for interconnection near the border crossing. On the Swiss side, a new line had to be built from the nearest point.
On the French side, the entire area had to be equipped with fiber optics to enable international connectivity to Switzerland. Since the border crossing was in public territory, the appropriate permits were required.


Solution and competences

Experience in the international environment

To connect with the French side, we have extended our fiber optic network to the border. We obtained all the necessary approvals from international partners and authorities and agreed on a suitable connection point.

The construction work was successfully coordinated by our Operations department and carried out in cooperation with our local partners. The new route is now active on both sides of the border and first customers are already benefiting from fast 10 Gbps DWDM connections.

Achieved goals for our customer

Needs-oriented and within the shortest time


New route between France and Switzerland


Construction of a new GAS&COM PoP in Pontarlier (France) for the cross-border provision of managed services


Potential to win new customers in the region thanks to new interconnection between Switzerland and France


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