GAS & COM and MAGENTA connect their networks

Magenta Telekom is the second largest mobile operator in Austria. The speed and security of our connections is one of the most important requirements for our customers. The establishment of national and international connections, between a growing number of virtual and physical devices as well as their management and security, make great demands today. In addition to the high security of our glass fibers, we at GAS & COM also pay attention to the speed and delays of our DWDM routes. True to our slogan “The Speed ​​of Light”, wherever possible, all our routes were designed according to the “low latency” principle.

Features like these allow us to use our network successfully for international projects and to offer the fastest possible connections for international data centers, banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges and online services. The speed often determines the “deal or no deal”.

We are very pleased to be able to support one of our partners with these basics and to make Austria a high-speed area by interconnecting.


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