GAS&COM and BKW strengthen their cooperation in the field of fibre optic networks

The partnership-based cooperation between BKW and GAS&COM was strengthened by a further interconnection point for the two fibre optic networks near Oberbuchsiten. This further network interconnection enables both BKW and GAS&COM to offer their customers network redundant and highly secure fibre optic connections throughout Switzerland.

This new connection makes it possible to provide BKW customers with a fast and secure connection via the GAS&COM network to all important data centres in Switzerland.

This will also enable access to all cloud providers.

GAS&COM customers will benefit as well: they will be able to use additional redundant routes on the BKW network. This will enhance the reliability of the connections even further.

For the customers of both companies, this will open up new opportunities to take advantage of the benefits of fibre optic connections quickly and securely.

Sergio Milesi, Chief Executive Officer of GAS&COM AG

“We are constantly expanding the security and redundancy of our network. The cooperation with partners as BKW enables us to reach every location, even outside our own network. I look forward to the professional cooperation with BKW.”

Martin Hofmann, Head of Grid Communications BKW

“The cooperation with GAS&COM is always very pleasant and easy. We are delighted to have another interconnection point, enabling our customers to access data centres and cloud services throughout Switzerland. The high quality of the GAS&COM network and the responsiveness of the team are unique.” 

About BKW

As the operator of Switzerland’s largest distribution network, BKW Power Grid ensures that electricity flows reliably from the production plants to our customers. We plan and build network infrastructures and take the opportunities of digitalisation to create sustainable living spaces.


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