GAS&COM implements an innovative protection concept for gas pipelines and extends the availability of their dark fibres.

GAS&COM, in cooperation with GVM (Gasverbund Mittelland), demonstrated its innovative strength when planning an innovative protection concept for gas pipelines.

In a larger industrial area in Switzerland, GVM faced the challenge to improve the protection of gas pipelines and to better protect them from unforeseen dangers. A high-tech equipment was designed and implemented to improve safety around the industrial area. This equipment consists of special concrete slabs above the gas pipelines, which not only provide a better protection for the gas pipelines, but also contain protected fibre-optic channels.

These protected glass fibres enable the operation of the innovative system, which immediately detects and localizes the smallest vibrations in critical areas and triggers appropriate safety measures.

This concept has been implemented for the first time and sets a new benchmark for the safety of gas pipelines in Switzerland. At the same time, by expanding this security concept, GAS&COM can further increase the availability and security of its dark fibre channels.

The security concept, which was co-developed by GAS&COM now enables an even faster identification of any malfunctions. They can be located and resolved faster by using an automated monitoring system. At the same time, GAS&COM expanded its network, which covers the entire industrial area.

Increasing the safety of the gas pipelines helps to ensure that e.g. road or civil engineering works in the area in question can be planned and carried out much more safely. The security of our own Dark Fiber channels can therefore be considerably increased, while at the same time increasing civil protection in the area.

Markus Keusch, LWL project manager at GAS&COM, is very satisfied with the project: “This challenge put all of our know-how to the test. The successful result is based on a well-coordinated team and a well-organized cooperation with our partners. This project is another milestone in our successful and more than twenty-year company history. “

GAS&COM – Innovations for a safer future!


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