GAS&COM AG celebrated its 20th anniversary



GAS&COM AG celebrated its 20th anniversary

GAS&COM AG was founded in 1999 as a joint venture by the three regional companies Erdgas Ostschweiz, Gasverbund Mittelland and Gaznat. These companies had decided to massively expand the fibre optic network in use at that moment for their own purposes and to operate it for commercial purposes. With the founding of GAS&COM AG, a network was created throughout Switzerland and was expanded to cover 6,000 kilometres.

The goal of becoming the fastest and most secure fibre optic network operator in the Swiss market was consistently pursued and was marked by various milestones. Soon after, in 2001, a decision was made to supplement the fibre-optic network with active components that would make it possible to offer different bandwidths. In 2005, strategic international interconnection nodes were installed, and in 2010 the first Layer 3 network was laid., allowing active services to be offered. With the introduction of the new cable documentation system in 2014, all routes were digitised and 3.68 million kilometres of optical fibre has been laid to date.

In 2015, GAS&COM opened a new location in the Principality of Lichtenstein and two years later it opened a new location in Vevey. In 2016, the DWDM network was completely renewed and the transmission capacities massively increased – up to 32 TB per fibre pair. 

In 2017, the first international connections were made to make it possible to offer  services to neighbouring countries. In 2018, the new product SWISS DATACENTER LINK was launched to provide a new, redundant and high-performance data centre connection for the whole of Switzerland. In 2019, GAS&COM upgraded its entire Layer 3 network with the very latest technology and also offers its own Swiss-wide MPLS network. 

To further strengthen brand visibility and market positioning, the brand, website and social media accounts were completely redesigned.

“It’s an honour and I am very glad that on 20 September 2019, over 250 people have accepted our invitation to the celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. On the site of the gas works in Schlieren, together with our customers, shareholders and partners, we were able to celebrate the successes of the last 20 years in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Thank you very much!”

Sergio Milesi on behalf of the entire GAS&COM team


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