When a new 100 Gbps connection from Brügg near Biel to Zurich is put into operation within two weeks

Our customer, Senselan in Düdingen, has relied on the active services of GAS & COM AG for years. The Düdingen site is connected to Zurich with a 100Gbps link.

Die stetige Erweiterung des Angebots und erfeuliche Entwicklung der Nachfrage nach höheren Bandbreiten, hat Senselan dazu bewogen die Anbindung von Düdingen nach Zürich zu optimieren.

The constant expansion of the range and the encouraging development of the demand for higher bandwidths led Senselan to optimize the connection from Düdingen to Zurich.

Thanks to the special comfort of all those involved, a new active DWDM Pop could be set up in Brügg within two weeks and the redundancy path with 100Gbps from Brügg to Zurich was realized. Effective immediately, large capacity active services are also available at this location.

Thank you for the trust and the great cooperation of everyone involved!


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