Cloud Connect Service

GAS&COM Cloud Connect Service
To every cloud – at the speed of light!

Regionally supported, nationally connected. With the highly available Data Center Interconnect from GAS&COM, our customers are quickly and reliably connected to the largest data centres in Switzerland. Thanks to Cloud Connect Services to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud, the world is open to our customers.

In order to remain competitive at all times, your company must react quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements. In this context the cloud offers you unexpected possibilities. For many small and medium-sized companies, having their own data centre is not worthwhile: on the one hand, it ties up a lot of resources and, on the other, brings with it high security requirements. Therefore, today there is hardly any way around business applications from the cloud. In addition to strong performance and reliability, cost efficiency also plays an important role.

The cloud connect service from GAS&COM enables you to connect a multi-cloud environment in more than 40 data centres in Switzerland via our own network. 

From any data centre, we can provide your express connection to the cloud and provide the cloud connect service to the cloud provider of your choice. 


Secure. Fast. Customised.

  • Underground routing via secured corridors along the natural gas pipelines offers unparalleled security
  • New generation G652d cables are upward compatible to support your network equipment
  • Minimum failure rate
  • We own 100% of all assets, which are exclusively housed in Switzerland
  • A personal, specialised contact is available to assist with your requests
  • Complete and digitized documentation and detailed measurement reports
  • Few splices along the routes for low attenuation and low latency values
  • Large number of fibre capacity for higher demand
  • Customised and scalable solutions to meet your needs
  • Dedicated 24/7 Network Operation Center (NOC) in Aarau with emergency dispatching as NOC in Oberbuchsiten
  • Professional support for your project planning and implementation
The speed of light

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