Metro campus of Green connected to the GAS&COM backbone network

Green is realizing a pioneering new data center campus for companies and cloud providers in Dielsdorf. Data centers are of strategic importance to us. Consequently, it was clear from the outset that we also wanted to provide redundant access to this data center. We connected this campus from the west and from the east with new fiber-optic links to our backbone.

The work included the construction of new ductwork and the installation and splicing of new high-capacity fiber optic cable links. The project was implemented, tested and completed as planned, keeping the required construction sites and highway closures to a minimum. Sorry to all who drove this route daily!

The new routes are now ready to transport data traffic safely, efficiently and with redundant protection.

Die neuen Strecken sind jetzt bereit, um den Datenverkehr sicher, leistungsfähig und redundant abgesichert zu transportieren.  

Sergio Milesi, CEO GAS&COM AG
«We are known for being the artery of data centers in Switzerland. The logical consequence of this is that we have applied our products and competencies to Green’s new and pioneering project.»


DWDM encryption

In these uncertain times of increasing geopolitical instability, awareness of the importance of data security is growing rapidly.

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