What makes us different

For over 25 years – The operator of the safest and fastest fibre optic network in Switzerland

As an independent provider in the telecom infrastructure business, we provide our customers in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and neighbouring countries with bandwidth and IP services, fibre optic connections and infrastructure facilities at the most important junctions (data centres).

The shareholders of GAS&COM AG, GAZNAT SA (Vevey), Gasverbund Mittelland AG (Arlesheim) and Erdgas Ostschweiz AG (Zurich), also use our cables for their own purposes, i.e. for data transmission for monitoring and controlling natural gas transport and distribution facilities.

This ensures long-term stability, maintenance and security for the facilities.

Our conduit and cable systems are laid along the Swiss high-pressure natural gas pipeline system. The monitoring of these is subject to particularly strict safety regulations, which also have a positive effect on the cable systems.

Security along the routes is very high, and the risk of damage is extremely low.

Thanks to our long-standing and well-established relationships with network operators in cities and agglomerations, we can offer exclusive door-to-door and city-to-city connections in Switzerland and in foreign metropolises.

Unique route along the natural gas high pressure lines

Over 25 years of experience and expertise

Using existing fibre optic lines, we have built our own DWDM network in the market with a Layer 3 network. Thanks to our cable documentation system, we have digitised the entire route and to date have recorded 3.68 million km of optical fibre. With the ongoing expansion of the DWDM network, up to 32 terabits per second and per fibre pair can currently be transmitted — and higher speeds are set to follow. Thanks to international connections, lines to neighbouring countries are also offered. Via our locations in Zurich, Vevey and in the Principality of Liechtenstein, we are easily accessible throughout Switzerland for all regions. This brings us closer to our customers throughout Switzerland and neighbouring countries.

Our new product SWISS DATACENTER LINK offers a redundant and high-performance data centre connection for the whole of Switzerland. In 2019, we expanded the entire Layer 3 network with the very latest technology and now also offer our own Switzerland-wide MPLS network, independent of the DWDM network.

What makes us different

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25 years of innovative thinking and action – a decades-long success story that we owe to our customers.