Customer statements

What our customers and partners say

Our own success is determined by that of our customers and partners. We work hard and flexibly to gain and retain their trust in our expertise. The praise of our clients is and remains our highest form of motivation.

Netalis, in collaboration with GAS&COM and the Doubs department, has created an international interconnection between France and Switzerland. We use this interconnection to secure our French backbone, but also to offer new services to our corporate customers who want to host their servers in data centers or clouds in Switzerland.  
“The relationship between Gaznat and GAS&COM dates back to the birth of the optical backbone and is therefore special. Since 2000, GAS&COM has become more professional, has built a powerful team and is involved in the development of new services outside the optical fiber backbone. Gaznat benefits from high-performance Internet access, high-quality networking with its gas partners and professional maintenance. In addition, GAS&COM benefits from the weekly network monitoring that Gaznat performs for its pipelines, which translates into an extremely low number of incidents involving fiber optic cables in Switzerland. Relationships with support teams are excellent, and documentation of the network and its connections is ensured by powerful software and personnel.  
“The UMB Cloud creates time for customers. With Gas&Com, we can implement our DarkFibre needs quickly and thus create even more time. We are also convinced by the high availability and short delivery times  
“As a health service supplier available 24/7, Schwyz Hospital depends on a straightforward and reliable internet provider that is also result-oriented. In GAS&COM we found the ideal business partner to achieve this goal.  
“Achieving more together. We also achieve this thanks to the good connection with GAS&COM. While we network the Basel region with telecom services and our own data centre, GAS&COM supports us in connecting to the Swiss data centre landscape. With their services and fibre optic network, we connect not only Basel and the region, but the whole of Switzerland. We value the cooperation very much. The communication is in partnership and at eye level and they always have a good solution at hand.  
“The high-performance services, comprehensive consulting and technical support of GAS&COM, optimally support us in our daily work to be able to provide our customers with individually tailored cloud services and innovative overall solutions.  
“GAS&COM and ewz complement each other ideally ! ewz provides connectivity solutions and telecommunications services based on ewz's fiber optic network in the greater Zurich area. In this way, we network the companies of the Zurich economic area and consistently focus on speed, stability and security. For national lines, such as to the Swiss data centers, ewz uses GAS&COM's high-performance fiber optic network to offer ewz customers seamless solutions throughout Switzerland. The cooperation with GAS&COM is always based on partnership and collaboration. We are looking forward to expanding this further.  
“GAS&COM is a reliable infrastructure partner that has supported us since our inception. GAS&COM provides us with unique routes that support our backbone for the delivery of our local IP access services and leading L2 services in Switzerland.  
“As a young and dynamic company, we rely on partners who can react flexibly, directly and straightforwardly to our needs. GAS&COM has proven time and again that they can also deal with very short-term and unconventional requirements and implement them on time.  
“Our credo at JMP Technology Services is that we always find the best ICT solution for our customers' complex requirements. Gas&Com can support us very well in this with its own infrastructure. The flexibility and simplicity of the collaboration is also in line with our values, enabling us to solve complex problems quickly and efficiently. In addition, with Gas&Com we can count on secure and fast networks.  
“We are looking forward to further expanding our cooperation with GAS&COM in Switzerland. With the connection to the data highway, the NorthC data centres are optimally embedded in the data centre landscape of Switzerland. In addition, the products for our existing customers will be completed and colocation from both Geneva and Zurich will be made possible. Furthermore, we are particularly strengthening the bilingual city of Biel and thus continuing to drive the digital transformation of the ‘watch metropolis’ and the precision industry.  
"Supranet AG as a reliable Internet provider in Liechtenstein and as the largest private data center operator, it was important for us to have a qualitative, high-quality and reliable connection to our data center location in the Zurich region. GAS&COM AG, with its good service and attractive price/performance ratio, was the obvious choice to provide this service. This is because the country of Liechtenstein does not exactly have many choices for fiber optic lines to Switzerland. Furthermore, GAS&COM AG showed itself to be very flexible for special configurations in cooperation with Supranet AG."  
"We use the GAS&COM fiber optic network for our ISP backbone. The entire process, from the bidding phase to operation, is flawless. The stability cannot be compared to other active link providers. We hope to set up a GAS&COM POP in our data center in Yverdon-les-Bains for our customers in the near future."  
"Performance, security and reliability are the most important things for us and our customers! That's why we rely on the fiber optic network of GAS&COM for the networking of our data center locations. We really appreciate the uncomplicated, solution-oriented and cooperative partnership with our colleagues from GAS&COM!"  
"Working with GAS&COM is always very pleasant and easy. We are happy to have another interconnection point, allowing our customers to access data centers and cloud services throughout Switzerland. The high quality of the GAS&COM network and the responsiveness of the team are unique."  
"The cooperation with GAS&COM AG is always very cooperative and effective. GAS&COM AG ensures that our requirements are guaranteed through high availability and good support. The decisive factors in working with GAS&COM AG as a fiber optic network operator are the trust in solution-oriented services and products, the fast and open communication, and the high level of flexibility. GAS&COM AG is a reliable company with which you can work together as partners on the same level."  
"As a leading Swiss data center provider, we are committed to ensuring our customers have access to the rest of the world. To achieve this, we rely on secure and seamless connectivity. In this respect, GAS&COM is one of our key partners, providing secure, high-quality and highly available connectivity services."  
"GAS&COM ensures that our required security aspects are guaranteed through high availability and good support. The decisive key factors in working with GAS&COM as a fiber optic network operator are the trust in solution-oriented services and products, fast and open communication, and high flexibility."  
"The high-availability internet connection with regional ties is essential for ProCloud AG, Swiss service provider for cloud services and cyber security. Thanks to the professionalism and reliability of GAS&COM, we can fulfill our customer promise at any time."  
"Our collaboration with GAS & COM started in 2014. Since then we have had no problem with their services. We are completely satisfied with the quality of the service, the responsiveness and the commercial approach. We can only recommend GAS & COM as a reliable and long term partner."  
"GAS & COM is one of our main telecom partners and has supported us for several years. The quality of the services, the proximity as well as their reliability makes GAS & COM a partner on which SmartYou can count for its current and future projects."  
"Served regionally, networked nationwide. Thanks to the highly available Datacenter interconnect from GAS & COM, the customers of our Datacenter in Buchs AG are quickly and reliably connected to the largest Datacenter in Switzerland. The Eniwa Datacenter already offers customers many advantages. Thanks to GAS & COM's direct Cloud-Connect, the world is now open to them on Azure, AWS and Google. "  
"In order to ensure high availability on our geo-redundant cloud platforms, we rely on the high-quality fibre optic links from GAS&COM to network our data centres."  
“GAS&COM has supported us from the beginning with high-quality networking services, providing the backbone for our cloud computing and virtual data centre. We were impressed by the flexibility, professionalism and Swiss quality.  
“GAS&COM is a reliable infrastructure partner, providing us with unique routes that support our leading IP and capacity services in Switzerland."  
“We are dependent on reliable partners when it comes to professional fiber solutions. As such, GAS&COM follows a flexible and straightforward approach, which is highly appreciated.”  
“GAS&COM provides us with state of the art fiber solutions within Switzerland and has become our preferred partner for basic infrastructure connectivity. Their quality of the service, prompt response times and flexibility are awesome.  
“As we also host our website and our application portal for insurance business in House, we are particularly dependent on a reliable and high-performance Internet connection. Gas&Com provides us with this in excellent quality. The support is very good and is also available at 2:00 a.m. if required.