Colocation Services

GAS&COM Colocation Services –
Let us host your network equipment

Corporate growth simultaneously gives rise to increasing IT infrastructure requirements that become ever more complex and expansive. Demands concerning the performance to be delivered and data security intensify, too.

Companies are then quickly confronted with the critical question of whether they should operate their own data centre or whether outsourcing would be the ideal solution.

For this we can offer you all over Switzerland large and smaller colocation sites along our backbone network.

Our solutions

  1. Leasing rack space, racks or space to securely
    host your own systems on our premises
  2. Rack space, rack or space to amplify your
    signals along our Dark Fiber lines (repeater
  3. Technical support for the planning,
    implementation and maintenance through
    our specialists.

Secure. Redundant. Failure-free.

  • 4 large colocation sites in the cantons of Zurich, Solothurn, Bern and Vaud
  • Fenced sites with physical access control and partial video surveillance
  • Redundant and direct backbone fibre-optic connections
  • Unescorted access possible 24/7
  • Dozens of small sites throughout Switzerland along the natural gas pipelines
  • Highly available and uninterruptible power supply
  • No additional costs for cross-connects
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