Internet Service Provider

GAS&COM ensures performance — With secure and fast solutions

Internet Service Providers connect organizations and companies to the internet and to related services. You use our Dark Fiber as well as our DWDM, IP and MPLS services to guarantee your customers the best, fastest and most secure connection.

The core requirements such as solution variants with high redundancy, back-up and reliability are our core competencies.

Our solutions in the areas of Dark Fiber and DWDM services ensure that we can not only meet your requirements of today and tomorrow, but that we can also provide you with ongoing support for further expansion and continuous optimisation.

We optimise existing solutions and develop technical offers for your own needs and for those of your end customers.

We guarantee the shortest commissioning time for a new service in Switzerland.

What makes us different are our unique security aspects, the simplicity and speed of implementation and deployment as well as the best value for money for you.

We ensure the highest performance

  • In addition to the high security of our fibre op, our focus is on the speeds and delays of our DWDM lines. Wherever possible, all our routes are designed according to the “low latency” principle. That’s why our network is in great demand for international projects.
  • For more than 20 years, we have been the Swiss fibre optic network operator with the most secure and fastest data connections.
  • Our DWDM network with active nodes throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein enables us to offer re-liable connections between your locations.
  • All resources are based 100% in Switzerland.
  • By using state-of-the-art ROADM (Reconfigurable Add Drop Multiplexer) technology, we can also pro-vide you with secure second-hand routes that switch in the event of a malfunction almost continuously (within 10 ms).
  • Swiss Data Center Link for connections to and between all data centres.
    NOC in Switzerland and available 24/7.
  • Simple, personal and uncomplicated access in an emergency.
  • Rapid development of new locations possible, depending on the business case.


The Speed of Light

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