Duct Leasing

GAS&COM Duct Leasing – Use our infrastructure and build your own network

Our duct leasing offer is unique in Switzerland and offers high added value in many respects.

Besides the leasing of complete ducts, we also offer duct capacity sharing. This allows to place an own cable with a contractually defined diameter.
In addition to the duct leasing option we also lease speed pipes usage within the duct.

Added value thanks to flexibility

GAS&COM’s leasing options guarantee high flexibility. They can be tailored to meet your current and future needs, plus adjusted or expanded at any time.

We work with you to plan your potential exit points along the desired route, so you can customise your network following your requirements.

Flexibel. Individuell. Ökonomisch.

  • Direct long-distance routes between e.g. Zurich and Geneva or Basel and Bern
  • Various potential exit points plannable throughout our duct networks
  • Needs-based financing models: leasing, IRU, swap, purchase
  • The perfect addition: colocation sites options throughout our duct networks
  • Very direct, short routes. Ideal as low latency backbone transit or connections between data centres
  • You benefit from the most stringent security standards along the natural gas pipelines
  • More economical and faster than a new-build solution

Our infrastructure meets the security regulations set down by the Federal Pipelines Inspectorate (FPI), which are extremely rigorous and complex for ducts throughout the network of high-pressure natural gas grids.

You can also take advantage of additional synergies, as we can assist you with our specialists for the procurement of fibre optic cables, for the installation, for the splicing, for the final measurement and the operations and monitoring.

We can also offer you carrier grade maintenance contracts for your fibre optic cables and thus be your full-service partner who covers all your needs from a single source.


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