Network Operation Center

Your guaranteed security 24/7

GAS&COM’s Network Operation Centre is the central point for software distribution and updates, performance monitoring, coordination with connected networks, network troubleshooting and router management. Monitoring performance and coordination with associated networks is one our specialists’ core tasks.

From here, all client networks are monitored for their infrastructure capacity. We ensure that networks perform optimally, and that productivity is guaranteed.

This ensures availability for all customers around the clock.

Intelligent monitoring ensures your success

Our NOC services are your guarantee for the smooth functioning of your network. Data-driven networking uses intelligent monitoring to analyse incident patterns, investigate trends, identify root causes, and execute solutions – all from a single view dashboard.

Via our Network Operation Centre (NOC), we gain critical insight into your environment by performing careful data analysis and proactively implementing solutions tailored to your specific needs. During this process, we continuously monitor the health of your network and optimise its performance. This minimises our NOC downtime and ensures that your infrastructure is always up-to-date.

At home in Switzerland

We make your network stronger

Building on our 20 years of industry experience with some of the fastest growing companies, our NOC services provide more than just the traditional needle-in-the-haystack approach to managing complex IT infrastructures.

By using intelligent automation platforms, our solution provides a transparent and consistent view of the state of your network to guarantee fast solutions.




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Network Operation Center

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