Commissioning of the new dark fiber interconnection in Eastern Switzerland

New dark fiber interconnection in Eastern Switzerland

The continuous expansion of our network is a major concern for us, in order to be able to offer our customers secure and fast connections. With the latest expansion in Eastern Switzerland, we were able to create a new important interconnection point. Together with EKT and TB Wil we have built a new dark fiber interconnection, which enables us to increase the network redundancy in the Frauenfeld region and to expand the accessibility of the Wil region.

All three parties have now created additional possibilities for their customers through this new node. Many thanks for the good cooperation!   

Sergio Milesi, CEO GAS&COM AG
«I am very pleased to be able to commission this new fiber optic hub in Eastern Switzerland and thereby expand our local partnership.»

Stefan Huber, Head of Communication Networks TB Wil
«Thanks to the new fiber optic node, we can now provide interesting connections in the direction of Zurich and St. Gallen.»

Thomas During, Head of Telecom EKT AG
«Networked in Thurgau. Connected to the world. This new interconnection will further increase the security, availability and reliability of our fiber optic networks.»


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