Electricity shortage in Switzerland

Due to the special circumstances in Switzerland and the surrounding countries, the Federal Council classified a possible power shortage as a high risk and took various preparatory measures.

The special circumstances are due to the fact that the gas supply is massively limited because of the Ukraine crisis and that 32 of the 56 available nuclear power plants are currently under maintenance or repair. The possibilities for importing electricity from Germany and France are therefore very much reduced. If a long and cold winter with little precipitation, little sunshine and little wind were to be added to this, the situation in Switzerland could actually get worse. The situation in the reservoirs can be assessed well because the levels are known (see www.uvek-gis.admin.ch). However, it is not possible to predict what weather influences have to be expected. 

Due to our special situation as a subsidiary of energy companies in the natural gas sector, which represents a national critical infrastructure, we have dealt intensively with this issue.

Here you can find out how GAS&COM is prepared for this: