The fastest route between Zurich and Geneva

Over the past few months, we have been working intensively on the expansion of our fiber-optic network in Western Switzerland. We are now proud to report that this has been successfully completed.

We have put new lines into operation and optimized existing lines. This now means that we can further increase redundancies. An important step was the commissioning of the submarine cable in Lake Geneva between Villeneuve and Geneva. The section between Lausanne and Geneva has been switched on.

The fastest section between Zurich and Geneva now has a latency of less than 2ms, which is record-breaking.

At the same time, we have also optimized the design of our DWDM and MPLS network and expanded capacity. This expansion means that cloud services from Zurich, for example, can also be offered in western Switzerland with low latencies.

Sergio Milesi, CEO GAS&COM AG
«Once again, our operations department has proven what we are capable of. The expansion in Western Switzerland is a major milestone for our fiber optic network. Our promise of “THE FASTEST, THE SAFEST” has been proven once again. Congratulations to all.»


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