High Speed Network

100 GBit/s Ethernet & Internet services now available!
GAS&COM has upgraded its Switzerland-wide MPLS network, enabling us to now provide outstanding Ethernet and Internet services at speeds of up to 100 GBit/s. This upgrade has increased the bandwidth of our backbone network tenfold, positioning us as the leading business network operator in the ultra-broadband sector.

Reliability & Flexibility:
Our SLAs are customized to ensure the highest availability, guaranteed bandwidth and fast support. Gas&Com’s MPLS/Ethernet connections are not only powerful, but also adaptable. They scale with growing data requirements – ideal for site networking, cloud services or connection to internal or external data centers.

Your partner for the future:
We’re excited to share this progress with you and look forward to leading you into the next era of connectivity.

Learn more: https://www.gas-com.ch/en/products/ethernet/


DWDM encryption

In these uncertain times of increasing geopolitical instability, awareness of the importance of data security is growing rapidly.

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