International carrier connection for hyperscalers

Situation | Problem | Challenges

More bandwidth and lower latency

Hyperscaler companies need better fiber connections for their data center links for ever-increasing bandwidths, shorter latency and the lowest possible attenuation. This is because the demand for data exchange is continuously growing.

In this case, the customer was looking for the best fiber connection between Zurich and Vienna. With international fiber optic connections, the biggest challenge is to ensure optimal interconnections at national borders and to clearly regulate responsibilities. This requires strong and international partnerships as well as agreements that make it possible to coordinate joint project planning and implementation in the best possible way.

Solution and competences

Fast, safe and internationally connected

GAS&COM’s fiber optic network covers the whole of Switzerland. There are international interconnections at strategically important border crossings, including a connection with Austria. In this project, we supplied the fiber to the interconnection point at the border.

Thanks to our good relationships and extensive experience with international partners, we were able, in cooperation partner, we were able to put this international line into operation quickly and efficiently. into operation.

The entire route was surveyed and documented. We delivered the entire route to our customer on time and to his full satisfaction. The capacity and quality of data transmission between the two sites was significantly improved.

Achieved goals for our customer

Needs-oriented and within the shortest time


Fastest connection from Zurich to Vienna


Shortest distance between required locations


Highest reliability thanks to lowest latency times


Securely and quickly connected internationally

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Path reduction

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Reduction of latency

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Better attenuation values

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Savings in production time

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